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Won Jong Kim

Won Jong Kim

Director of Microenvironmental nitric oxide-modulation research center for biomedical applications

Mueunjae Chaired Professor, Department of Chemistry, POSTECH


Associate Editor: Biomater. Sci., Nanotheranostics


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Professor Won Jong Kim earned his BSc degree from Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea, in 1998. He then pursued his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Biomolecular Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, completing them in 2004. Dr. Kim then served as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Utah from 2004 to 2007, working under the supervision of Professor Sung Wan Kim. Currently, he holds the esteemed position of Mueunjae Chaired Professor at the Department of Chemistry in POSTECH. Dr. Kim's significant contributions to his field have been recognized through the publication of over 170 peer-reviewed articles in esteemed journals such as Nature BME, Nature Comm, Angew Chem, Adv. Mat., ACS Nano, Nano Lett, Small, Biomaterials, and Journal of Controlled Release. Furthermore, Dr. Kim serves as an Associate Editor for "Biomaterials Science" and the newly launched journal "Nanotheranostics", and he is also an editorial member of "Materials Today Chemistry" and “Cancer Gene Therapy”.


Representative Publications

[1]    Kim T, Kim HJ, Choi W, Lee YM, Pyo JH, Lee J, Kim J, Kim J, Kim JH, Kim C, Kim WJ, Piezoelectric Nanogenerator Facilitating Nitric Oxide-Mediated Opening of Blood-Brain Barrier for Non-Invasive Neural Stimulation. Nature Biomed. Eng., 7, 149-163 (2023)

[2]    Kim T, Nah Y, Kim J, Lee S, Kim WJ, Nitric Oxide-Modulatory Materials for Biomedical Applications. Accounts of Chemical Research, 55, 2384-2396 (2022)

[3]    Im S, Jang D, Saravanakumar G, Lee J, Kang Y, Lee YM, Lee J, Doh J, Yang ZY, Jang MH, Kim WJ, Harnessing the Formation of Natural Killer–Tumor Cell Immunological Synapses for Enhanced Therapeutic Effect in Solid Tumors. Advanced Materials, 2000020, (2020)

[4]    Yeo J, Lee YM, Lee J, Park D, Kim K, Kim J, Park J, Kim WJ, Nitric Oxide-Scavenging Nanogel for Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis. Nano Letters, 19, 6716-6724 (2019)

[5]    Kim J, Jo C, Lim WG, Jung S, Lee YM, Lim J, Lee H, Lee J, Kim WJ, Programmed nanoparticle loaded nanoparticle for deep penetrating 3D cancer therapy. Advanced Materials, 1707557 (2018)

Soochow University Biomedical Polymers Laboratory, College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, International College of Pharmaceutical Innovation

Soochow University, 199 Ren-Ai Road, Suzhou 215123, China