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Jun Wang

Dean and Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering,

South China University of Technology, China


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Representative Publications

[1]    Liu M, Huang L, Zhang W, Wang X, Geng Y, Zhang Y, Wang L, Zhang W, Zhang Y, Xiao S, Bao Y, Xiong M, Wang J, A Transistor-Like pH-Sensitive Nanodetergent for Selective Cancer Therapy, Nature Nanotechnology 2022, 17, 541-551.

[2]    Wang Y, Zhou S, Wang Y, Lu Z, Zhang Y, Xu C, Wang J, Engineering Tumor-Specific Gene Nanomedicine to Recruit and Activate T Cells for Enhanced Immunotherapy, Nature Communications 2023, 14, 1933.

[3]    Jiang C, Chen K, Liu A, Huang H, Fan Y, Zhao D, Ye Q, Zhang H, Xu C, Shen S, Xiong M, Du J, Yang X, Wang J, Immunomodulating Nano-Adaptors Potentiate Antibody-Based Cancer Immunotherapy, Nature Communications 2021, 12, 1359.

[4]    Xu C, Lu Z, Luo Y, Liu Y, Cao Z, Shen S, Li H, Liu J, Chen K, Chen Z, Yang X, Gu Z, Wang J, Targeting of NLRP3 Inflammasome with Gene Editing for the Amelioration of Inflammatory Diseases. Nature Communications 2018, 9, 4092.

[5]    Liu J, He S, Luo Y, Zhang Y, Du X, Xu C, Pu K, Wang J, Tumor-Microenvironment-Activatable Polymer Nano-Immunomodulator for Precision Cancer Photoimmunotherapy, Advanced Materials 2022, 34, 2106654.