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Invited Speakers

Kazunari Akiyoshi (Keynote Speaker)

Kazunari Akiyoshi

Professor of department of Polymer Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan

Research Director

ERATO Akiyoshi Bio-nanotransporter project, JST, Japan

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Kazunari Akiyoshi is a Professor at the Department of Polymer Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering at Kyoto University, Japan and also Research Director of ERATO in Akiyoshi Bio-nanotransporter project, JST, Japan. He received his PhD degree at Kyushu University (Japan) in 1985. After postdoctoral research for 2 years at Purdue University (USA) with Professor Ei-ichi Negishi, he joined Faculty of Engineering in Nagasaki University (Japan) as a lecturer. In 1989, he moved to Kyoto University as an Assistant Professor and was promoted to Associate Professor in 1993. In 2002, he moved to the Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, Tokyo Medical and Dental University as a full Professor. He received the Award of the Society of Polymer Science, Japan (1997), 2001 Barre Lecturer Awards, the University of Montreal, Canada (2001) and 14th Nagai Awards of the Japan Society of Drug Delivery System (2014). He has published 225 scientific papers (h-factor 41), 137 chapters/reviews and 30 patents. He is Regional Editor of J. Bioactive and Compatible Polymers and has served on Advisory board of Biomaterials Science, RSC and Advance Healthcare Materials, Wiley.

His scientific interests are focused on developments of bio-inspired nano-organized systems for new biomaterials (nanogel-, liposome-, membrane protein- and exosome-engineering) and utilization in biotechnology and medicine such as drug delivery system (cancer vaccine, mucosal vaccine) and tissue engineering.

Representative Publication

[1] R. Kawasaki, Y. Sasaki, K. Katagiri, S. Mukai, S. Sawada, K. Akiyoshi, Magnetically guided protein transduction by hybrid of nanogel chaperone with iron oxide nanoparticles, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. in press.

[2] T. Niwa, Y. Sasaki, E. Uemura, S. Nakamura, M. Akiyama, M. Ando, S. Sawada, S. Mukai, T. Ueda, H. Taguchi, K. Akiyoshi, Comprehensive study of liposome-assisted synthesis of membrane proteins using a reconstituted cell-free translation system, Scientific Reports 5 (2015) 18025

[3] Y. Tahara, S. Mukai, S. Sawada, Y. Sasaki, K. Akiyoshi, Nanocarrier-integrated microspheres: Nanogel tectonic engineering for advanced drug delivery systems, Advanced Materials 27 (2015) 5080-5088

[4] Y. Tahara, K. Akiyoshi, Current advances in self-assembled nanogel delivery systems for immunotherapy, Adv. Drug Deliv. Rev. 95 (2015) 65-76.

[5] D. Muraoka, N. Harada, T. Hayashi, Y. Tahara, F. Momose, S. Sawada, S. Mukai, K. Akiyoshi, H. Shiku, A nanogel-based immunologically stealth vaccine targets macrophages in the medulla of lymph node and induces potent anti-tumor immunity, ACS Nano. 8 (2014) 9209-9218.

[6] T. Nochi, Y. Yuki, H. Takahashi, S. Sawada, M. Mejima, T. Kohda, N. Harada, G. Kong, A. Sato, N. Kataoka, D. Tokuhara, S. Kurokawa, Y. Takahashi, H. Tsukada, S. Kozaki, K. Akiyoshi, H. Kiyono, Nanogel antigenic protein delivery system for adjuvant-free intranasal vaccines, Nature Materials 9 (2010) 572-578.


Soochow University Biomedical Polymers Laboratory 
199 Ren-Ai Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou 215123, China