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Invited Speakers

Kazunori Kataoka (Plenary Speaker)

Kazunori Kataoka


Departments of Materials Engineering and Bioengineering/Graduate School of Engineering, Center of Disease Biology and Integrative Medicine/Graduate School of Medicine

University of Tokyo

7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656, Japan


Group Website:


Dr. Kazunori Kataoka is Professor of Biomaterials at Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, Japan. He has been appointed joint position since 2004 from Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo as Professor of Clinical Biotechnology at Center of Disease Biology and Integrative Medicine. Dr. Kataoka received several awards, including the Society Award from the Society of Polymer Science, Japan (2000), Clemson Award from the Society for Biomaterials USA (2005), Founder’s Award from the Controlled Release Society (2008), Humboldt Research Award (2012), Leo Esaki Prize (2012), and Gutenberg Research Award (2015). He served as a president of the Society of Polymer Science, Japan (2010-12), and a president of Controlled Release Society (2012-13). He has been elected as a Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) (1999-), a Fellow of the International Union of Societies for Biomaterials Science and Engineering (IUSBSE) (2004-), a Founding Fellow of the College of the Fellows, the Controlled Release Society (2010-), and a Member of the Science Council of Japan (2006-).  His current major research interest is supramolecular materials for nanobiotechnology, particularly focusing on drug and gene targeting, and has published more than 500 papers with high citations as h-index of 114 (Google Scholar).


Representative Publications

[1] P. Mi, N. Dewi, H. Yanagie, D. Kokuryo, M. Suzuki, Y. Sakurai, Y. Li, I. Aoki, K. Ono, H. Takahashi, H. Cabral, N. Nishiyama, K. Kataoka, Hybrid calcium phosphate-polymeric micelles incorporating gadolinium chelates for imaging-guided gadolinium neutron capture tumor therapy. ACS Nano, 9(6), 5913-5921 (2015).

[2] H. Cabral, J. Makino, Y. Matsumoto, P. Mi, H. Wu, T. Nomoto, K. Toh, N. Yamada, Y. Higuchi, S. Konishi, M. R. Kano, H. Nishihara, Y. Miura, N. Nishiyama, K. Kataoka, Systemic targeting of lymph node metastasis through the blood vascular system by using size-controlled nanocarriers. ACS Nano, 9(5), 4957-4967 (2015).

[3] A. Matsui, S. Uchida, T. Ishii, K. Itaka, K. Kataoka, Messenger RNA-based therapeutics for the treatment of apoptosis-associated diseases. Sci. Rep., 5, 15810 (2015).

[4] H. -J. Kim, H. Takemoto, Y. Yi, M. Zheng, Y. Maeda, H. Chaya, K. Hayashi, P. Mi, F. Pittella, R. J. Christie, K. Toh, Y. Matsumoto, N. Nishiyama, K. Miyata, K. Kataoka, Precise engineering of siRNA delivery vehicles to tumors using polyion complexes and gold nanoparticles. ACS Nano, 8(9), 8979-8991 (2014).

[5] T. Nomoto, S. Fukushima, M. Kumagai, K. Machitani, Arnida, Y. Matsumoto, M. Oba, K. Miyata, K. Osada, N. Nishiyama, K. Kataoka, Three-layered polyplex micelle as a multifunctional nanocarrier platform for light-induced systemic gene transfer. Nature Commun., 5, 3545 (2014).

[6] H. Uchida, K. Itaka, T. Nomoto, T. ishii, T. Suma, M. Ikegami, K. Miyata, M. Oba, N. Nishiyama, K. Kataoka, Modulated protonation of side chain aminoethylene repeats in N-substituted polyaspartamides promotes mRNA transfection. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 136(35), 12396-12405 (2014).





Soochow University Biomedical Polymers Laboratory 
199 Ren-Ai Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou 215123, China